Skin problems? Calm down!

We often suffer from restless skin in our teenage years. We produce more sebum than necessary, which causes pimples and blackheads. However, many people still have to struggle with pimples, red patches, scaly skin and blackheads visible after puberty. Usually this is caused by external influences that we cannot control. Fortunately, we have some advice on how you can relieve your skin.

Eat your skin calmly

You have probably heard several times that your eating habits influence the appearance of your skin. This is really true! Eat fruits and vegetables more often, exchange your cup of coffee for a cup of green tea and try to avoid sugar as much as possible. It is also advisable to regularly eat fatty fish, which contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is a proven active ingredient for the skin, which moisturizes it, slows down skin aging and makes it more resistant to extreme external influences. In addition, it is naturally advisable to drink a lot of water. This is always good for your skin and your body.

A good care

Make cleansing your face a routine! Every morning and every night it is advisable to cleanse your skin with a gentle but effective cleanser. A cleansing routine is especially important if you wear make-up. If you go to bed with make-up, your pores are likely to become clogged and all kinds of impurities will appear. Good care also involves good sun protection. UV radiation is extremely harmful to the skin and can throw it off balance. Therefore, protect your skin with a sun protection factor every day. It is particularly practical if it is already contained in your day cream or make-up, such as Pupa Antitraccia Foundation with SPF15.

The right skin care

One of the main causes of restless skin is using the wrong skin care products. Using products that are not appropriate for your skin type or even unnecessary can cause uneven skin. You can get information about your skin type from an aesthetician or dermatologist and ask what products are appropriate for your facial care.


Even with the best nutrition, two liters of water per day and the right facial care, pimples can still appear from time to time. Fortunately, you can easily combat these annoying impurities with the Payot Pate Grise L$0027Originale This is an olfactory substance that speeds up the maturation process of the pimples and therefore makes them disappear sooner. Apply the cream at night so that your pimples are treated while you sleep. Avoid constantly touching the pimples and other skin spots. This can lead to inflammation and even scarring.

With proper skin care you can calm your restless skin a bit. Before you start using certain products, seek the advice of a specialist and find out where your restless skin comes from.

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Vitamins for the skin

These skin vitamins should not be missing from your care routine

Healthy skin, just like a healthy body, is in need of sufficient vitamins and minerals. Our skin gets these vitamins from the foods we eat. A balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes is therefore very important for radiant skin. However, we can help our skin a little and use the right skin care products. Now there is not only one vitamin specific for skin, but four vitamins that ensure a healthy complexion.

Important vitamins for the skin

The most important vitamin for our skin is vitamin C, as it provides countless benefits. But also the vitamin B complex, vitamin E and A help to keep our skin healthy, protect it and revitalize it. Therefore, we will explain how each vitamin takes care of the skin and why it is important to use it in your day and night care.

Vitamins C

Vitamin C is the most important vitamin for our skin and it is also a powerful antioxidant. It prevents irritation, protects the skin against inflammation and helps regeneration. That is exactly why this vitamin is so important for people who regularly have problems with pimples or acne. In addition, vitamin C is effective against skin aging because it is the most important nutrient for the production of collagen. Collagen is the protein that our skin is made of. Without vitamin C, production is inhibited and the skin becomes flaccid and fine lines and wrinkles appear. It also inhibits the production of pigments so that age spots cannot develop.

B-complex vitamins

The vitamin B complex is a special vitamin because it consists of eight different vitamins. Vitamin B3 is the most important vitamin in this series. It treats eczema, acne and dry skin. However, vitamins B5 and B6 also play an important role for our skin. They strengthen the skin barrier, support the production of collagen, intensely moisturize the skin and accelerate the production of new skin cells. This is exactly why you see vitamin B so often in anti-aging products.

Vitamins E

In addition to vitamin C, vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects the skin against harmful external influences. Therefore, a combination of the two vitamins is always a good idea. Free radicals such as air pollution, heating systems and stress, which can damage the skin, can cause much less damage thanks to vitamin E. It ensures that the outermost layer of the skin is strong enough to defend itself better against free radicals.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a very effective vitamin against skin aging. You may also know this vitamin as retinol. Retinol fights wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, rejuvenates skin cells and reduces skin discoloration. In addition, this effective vitamin can prevent the negative effects of harmful free radicals, regenerate the skin after the harmful effects of the sun and solve various skin problems. Think especially of couperose or eczema.

Eating vitamins or lubricating?

It is important that the whole body takes enough vitamins from food. But sometimes our skin is not able to process enough vitamins from food. That is why it is important to use skin care products with certain vitamins if the skin is noticed to be deficient in vitamins. Of course, there is always the possibility to take vitamins as a food supplement. Meanwhile, food supplements have been developed especially for the skin, which contain all the important vitamins for radiant skin.

You have no idea what vitamins your skin needs? Then let a skin expert advise you. They can tell you exactly how you can make your skin glow again.

Preventing pigmentation marks

Freckles and birthmarks are often considered a trait of beauty and youth. Pigment spots on the other hand... we would like to prevent them. Hyperpigmentation and age spots are other terms for this phenomenon. Pigment spots occur mostly in older people, so they are often called age spots and are associated with aging. Fortunately, there are different tricks that can be used to prevent pigmentation so that your skin looks younger and more even.

Too much melanin

Pigmentation spots occur when skin cells produce extra melanin. Melanin is the most important pigment for human skin. When cells that produce melanin are overactive, dark spots appear on the skin and a blotchy complexion results. This is also called hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is more common in dark-skinned people, but fair skin can also develop age spots. In general, these spots are not harmful, but if you notice that the pigments change in color or size, you should have them checked by your doctor or skin specialist. Some forms of skin cancer can also show up through these spots.

The causes of hyperpigmentation

Pigment spots can be caused by a number of factors. Hormonal fluctuations, for example, can cause melanin production to be disrupted. Pregnancy, changing your pill, or even stopping taking the birth control pill can be a reason for hyperpigmentation. This can happen because female hormones stimulate melanin production. In addition, pigment spots can also be caused by inflammation in the skin. This is especially visible in people who have had problems with eczema or acne in the past. Pigment can accumulate in areas where the skin problem has manifested itself and therefore cause visible spots. Age spots can be caused not only by hormonal fluctuations and skin inflammation, but also by the use of medication, hereditary factors, or a skin disease. However, the most common cause of hyperpigmentation is actually the sun.

Sun and age spots

Sun and age spots
hands of an elderly woman with eczema or allergic skin problems

When you expose your skin to the sun, it produces extra melanin to protect itself. Thanks to melanin, we will have a beautiful tanned complexion after a day at the beach. When the skin has to endure the sun for a long time, the cells that produce melanin start working overtime. The older we get, the harder it is for the melanin to spread, which in turn can lead to a buildup of melanin. These melanin buildups form the age spots on our skin. Hyperpigmentation is often found in places that are exposed to a lot of sunlight, such as the face, neck and hands.

How to correctly prevent pigmentation marks

The important and very obvious way to protect the skin from pigmentation marks is to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. That is exactly why you should always apply a high protection factor, wear clothes that cover you and stay out of the sun for hours and hours. This will prevent the development of pigmentation marks. However, you have discovered hyperpigmentation in your skin... If it is developing, the pigments may still be in the top layer of the skin. A simple peeling may be enough to remove the excess pigment. Another method of treatment would be to treat the skin with acid. You can ask your family doctor or a skin expert to prescribe retinoids, salicylic acid or fruit acid. Some acid treatments can also be bought in a pharmacy. Dead skin cells are removed so that new skin cells form under the skin and the skin looks young and radiant. At Beautyfashionsho that work against hyperpigmentation so you can prevent and fight your pigmentation spots.

If your pigmentation begins to bleed, grow or change color, we advise you to inform your doctor or dermatologist.

Making a mask yourself is super easy and good for the skin!

We often forget that the nutrients in skin care products are mostly derived from nature. Furthermore, we like to forget that most of the ingredients are simply in our kitchen. With a little honey, lemon juice and all kinds of fruits and vegetables you can easily make a mask that nourishes and soothes your skin. We would like to tell you a little more about our favorite combinations.

It's so easy to make masks of yourself

We have simply listed our four favorite self-made masks:

Mask #1

The first mask we recommend is the idea of the Moroccan Natural Yogurt is not used as a base without reason! Because yogurt shrinks pores, cleanses the skin, has a soothing and rejuvenating effect. In addition, honey and lemon juice contain many vitamins. Pure pearl powder is a very special powder that improves the texture and glow of the skin. Simply mix the powder with any mask you make. Watch the video below to discover all the benefits of this mask. You will need the following ingredients for the mask:

1 tablespoon of yogurt

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon Pure pearl powder

some lemon juice

Mask #2

Do you have oily skin? Then bananas are the solution! Because bananas contain super high levels of vitamin C, they will control the oil production without drying out your skin. In addition, bananas also provide intense moisture. For this reason the mask is suitable for everyone. Lemon juice reduces excess oil from the face and honey has a healing effect. Mix the following ingredients and enjoy your facial mask:

1 banana

teaspoonful of honey

some lemon juice

Mask #3

This mask is perfect for tired skin, as it gives the skin new energy and also provides a beautiful glow. For this reason, the mask is perfect after a day at the beach. Your skin will feel wonderfully fresh after a long exposure to the sun. You can grate the cucumber, but mashing it with a hand blender also works quite well. The following ingredients are needed for the mask:

a quarter of a cucumber (grated)

teaspoonful of honey

Mask #4

Another idea from Moroccan Natural: The lifting mask. Because this mask ensures that the skin is softened and lifted. The protein stimulates the production of collagen and makes the skin firmer. Lemon juice and honey contain different vitamins and pearl powder contains important minerals. For more information, please see the video below. These are the ingredients:

3 tablespoons of egg white

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon Pure pearl powder

some lemon juice

Finished masks

Because we understand that you don't always feel like making your own masks, we have gathered a large assortment of finished masks for you in the beauty fashion store
These are our best-selling masks:

Ahava 24K gold mineral mud mask

This mask combines two elements of a luxurious salon experience: Dead Sea mud and 24-carat gold. The skin is intensely nourished as the mud cleanses clogged pores and the gold provides the skin with adequate nutrients.

Ahava 24K gold

Lubricate yourself or put the mask on your face and relax. Just enjoy it!

How to avoid eye bags

Everyone knows that you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and all you see is thick skin under your eyes. We all know that this can be caused by lack of sleep. But sometimes you can't spend the whole 8 hours of the night in dreamland. However, we would like to reduce the bags under the eyes. Because really fresh and awake you don't see very well. Fortunately there are different tricks with which you can reduce these bags under the eyes.

Better safe than sorry

A tear sac or eye bags is actually just a buildup of skin, oil, or moisture under the eyes. Rather than treating the tear sacs, it may be more appropriate to take a look at how the tear sacs form. In addition to not getting enough sleep, there are other causes for bags under the eyes. Unhealthy food, stress, alcohol, too little drinking, and too much caffeine can be triggers, for example.

House, garden and kitchen Mittelchen

There are a number of methods with everyday things that you probably have at home to combat puffiness under your eyes. For example, it is very effective to put ice water under the eyes, for example an ice cube. What is also very effective are the thin cucumber slices. For best results, you can also put the cucumber slices in the freezer first. This way you can easily and effectively get rid of your bags under the eyes. Potato is also very effective. Potato's enzymes remove moisture from the skin, so bags under the eyes are reduced and also relieve the skin around the eyes.

Reducing tear sacks with creams

Of course, there are also many eye creams that promise to combat the signs of fatigue. In the beauty shop Beautyfashionshop you will find a wide range of eye creams that effectively reduce under-eye bags. A very pleasant fighter against eye bags  is the Reviderm Eye C Perfection This is an eye cream that cares for your skin gently and intensely. Tired eyes are refreshed and dark circles are reduced. You can also hide your dark circles with concealer.

put ice water under your eyes

Massage your eyes

Sometimes it helps to simply massage the moisture build-up under the eyes. Slide your finger into the tear sac and massage from the nose to the cheekbones. This will push the moisture into the lymphatic system so that the moisture can be drained. You can also massage the tear sacs while applying a cream. Do this with tapping motions so that the moisture build-up can disappear.

Hormonal Acne as a cause of pimples

Hormonal acne is not like other forms of acne caused by external factors or predisposition. It is caused by fluctuations in the hormonal balance. This occurs in both men and women and at any age. Pimples usually appear on the lower half of the face and painful inflammation develops under the skin.

What is hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne occurs when there is an increase in testosterone and a decrease in estrogen in the body. The skin reacts immediately and puts the sebaceous glands to work. An overproduction of sebum causes the pores to become clogged and bacteria to grow, which in turn causes acne. At puberty, testosterone levels are higher in both males and females than at other times in life. That's why acne is common during puberty. It's estimated that about 70% of teenagers have acne-sensitive skin. But even after puberty, hormonal acne is a skin disease that many people have problems with. Most of them are women, but this is often caused by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause.

Hormonal Acne and the Menstrual Cycle

Women can recognize hormonal acne by the fact that the pimples proliferate significantly. If this occurs during pregnancy, at a fixed time in the menstrual cycle, or when menopause begins, it is very likely that the cause of acne is a disturbance in the hormonal balance. Especially if the pimples are located on the chin and neck, increased testosterone levels may be the cause. In most women, acne symptoms worsen a few days before menstruation. This happens because during this period male hormones are more dominant than female hormones. The estrogen level drops and the sebaceous glands will work more overtime. You will often see your skin lighten up again during menstruation.

Treatment of Hormonal Acne

It's difficult to determine the exact cause of your acne. But if you notice that pimples appear especially at a certain point in your cycle, then there's a good chance you have hormonal acne. The annoying skin disease most often occurs in this form. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to get rid of this form of acne.

Keep your hormones in balance

This may sound impossible, but there are different methods to conjure up a healthy hormonal balance. This can be achieved by diet, for example. Healthy fats, leafy vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids and licorice fight excess androgens and ensure good hormonal health. In addition, physical exercise and avoiding sugar and dairy products contribute to a healthy hormonal level. For some women, the pill may help with hormonal acne. Ask your doctor about the possibilities.

Avoiding external causes

We could tell you what to avoid to have fewer acne problems, but you probably already know what we're talking about. Stress, smoking, makeup and an unhealthy diet can all be a trigger for acne-prone skin. Cleanse your skin twice a day, protect it when you go out and take care of yourself.

Using the right skin care

Hormonal acne is caused from the inside out. Therefore, it is possible to find skin care products that fight this form of acne. Most anti-acne products are too aggressive and only make acne worse. Gentle products with natural ingredients are the best for your skin. Acne Gel Gladskin This gel fights the bacteria that cause acne and still retains the bacteria that heal the skin. The gel is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, free of perfume, acids, alcohol, wool wax and parabens and is non-comedogenic.

Hormonal Acne

Ask your doctor

If your acne worsens dramatically, it is advisable to inform your family doctor, a skin expert or a dermatologist. They can then prescribe the appropriate treatment. If you are sure that your acne is caused by hormones, then an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) can advise you better. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can help fight hormonal acne and result in healthy, radiant skin without pimples or blackheads.

Removing Lipstick from Clothes

You finally know what you want to wear! You stand in the spot to get out and then you notice a lipstick stain on your clean shirt... You can't put your shirt on anymore, but I hope you can still get the lipstick stain out of your clothes. Fortunately, there are different ways to get lipstick out of your clothes.

Removing lipstick step by step

Excess waste

First of all, it is important to remove the excess residue from the lipstick. You can do this better with a paper or a dull knife. Do not try to smear the stain and make it even bigger.

Disinfection solution

This step is optional, but if you have a disinfectant solution at home, you can rub it on the lipstick stain and then rinse it well with cold water. It is also very important that the stain does not get bigger during this step.

Stain remover

Apply a small amount of the stain demon to the stain and rub it in. Then remove the stain demon with hot water. Isn't there a stain demon or stain remover in the house? Then use a simple detergent, which often helps.

In the laundry

Finally, wash your clothes in the washing machine. Wash your clothes as usual. If the stain has not completely disappeared after the previous steps, you can re-sprink some of the Devil's Stain on the stain before washing it. You can also wash your clothes with a little soda.

Do's and Don'ts


Don't rub the stain with a cloth like a madman. This will make the stain even more oily, making it not only bigger, but also penetrating deeper into the fibers of the clothing.

Check the washing label

Very important! If a garment is not allowed to be washed by hand, then of course you should not throw it in the washing machine if it has stains. Always check the washing label before removing the lipstick.

Check the detergent

Have you tried a stain remover or a disinfectant solution on your garment? Then first try a small amount of the product on the inside of the garment. That way you can always check that the product is not too aggressive.

The most beautiful lipsticks

Lipstick stains are annoying. But it's not so annoying that we don't want to wear lipstick anymore! A beautiful lipstick completes your look and accentuates your face. At the beauty shop we offer you the most beautiful lipsticks in many different colours.

Deborah Milano Atomic Red Mat

This soft and velvety lipstick by Deborah Milano is easy to apply and nourishes your lips with extra vitamin E. Your lips are kept hydrated and cared for at the same time.

Deborah Milano Atomic Red Mat

Removing lipstick from your clothes is not difficult, but it's still a hassle. Try to put your clothes on very carefully if you're already wearing lipstick, otherwise it's a shame for your clothes and your lipstick!

These are the best cosmetic products without animal testing

More and more people are eating less meat or even choosing a vegan lifestyle. Of course, makeup that has been tested on animals does not fit in with this. We can hardly imagine this, but still many animals have to suffer just to be able to use the best cosmetic products. That is why we have compiled the following list of brands that produce the best cosmetic products without testing on animals.

Pupa Milano

Pupa offers a wide range of cosmetic products following the latest trends, colors and designs. The products of this brand are of high quality and are composed of natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic. In addition, not all products have been tested on animals. Pupa Diva Eyelash Mascara is a very popular product and can always be bought at a discount in the beauty shop.

Pupa Diva

Stop the suffering of animals and choose a make-up that has not been tested on animals - this is better for people, animals and the environment!

Comedonic Acne : What it is and what you can do about it

Acne is a very unpleasant skin disease. The fact that acne is the most common skin problem in the world does not make it any more pleasant. There are more than 10 different forms of acne. In this article we explain what comedonic acne is and how this skin problem can best be treated.

What is comedonic acne?

Comedonic acne is a form of acne in which there are many blackheads. They can be seen mainly on the nose, chin and chest, but can occur anywhere. A pimple is a pore clogged with sebum and horn. Another word for pimples is "comedo", hence the term "comedonic acne". There are two different types of comedones: open and closed. Open pimples are black while closed ones are white/yellow. Closed comedones often cause thickening of the skin and can cause inflammation under the skin. If you suffer from comedonic acne, you will have both types of pimples in a variety.

How does comedonic acne occur?

Comedonic acne is usually caused by an overproduction of sebum and too many dead skin cells. The increased production of sebum is usually the result of hormonal changes. This is often experienced during puberty. The body undergoes many changes during this time, causing the sebaceous glands to work overtime. The increased production of sebum is also often seen in the week before menstrual bleeding. Even then, hormonal changes occur in the body. Sebum accumulates in the pores and mixes with the dead skin cells. These accumulations become larger and larger and small bumps appear: pimples.

Fighting this form of acne

To fight comedonic acne, there are two very important things: (1) keep sebum production under control and (2) remove dead skin cells. You can easily remove dead skin cells by peeling the skin with a gentle exfoliant 2 or 3 times a week. You can also use skin care products with peeling acid. These products dissolve the substance that binds the dead skin cells together. This dissolves and removes them. One such acid is glycolic acid, for example. Click here to learn more about glycolic acid.

Using the right products

Keeping sebum production under control is a difficult story. Since we have little influence on our hormonal balance, we also have little influence on sebum production. Fortunately, however, there are several products that regulate sebum production. We always recommend Dermalogica products if you suffer from acne. The products of this brand are specially designed for acne. They kill acne bacteria and keep sebum production under control. Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel and the Dermalogica Breakout Clearing All Over Toner In the photo below you can see what skin care products can do for your skin if you suffer from acne.

Comedonic acne is an unpleasant skin disease. Fortunately you can keep it under control with proper skin care.

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