Mascara for sensitive eyes

If you have problems with sensitive eyes, it can be difficult to find a suitable mascara. Mascara can make your eyes even more sensitive, especially if you use a tinted or waterproof mask. You may not even notice it at first, but if you often have irritated eyes and puffy circles in the morning, you may not be able to tolerate your mascara optimally.


Sensitive to mascara ingredients

Using a mascara can make your eyes more sensitive. This is not unimaginable if you remember that you are applying make-up very close to your eyes. A mascara consists mainly of water, but also of polymers, pigments and wax. If you are sensitive to any of these substances, your eyes can become thick and red. This is, of course, very unpleasant! Fortunately, we also offer mascara for sensitive eyes at Beautyfashionshop So you can let your eyelashes shine all day long again.

bacteria in your mascara

However, it is not necessarily that you are hypersensitive to certain ingredients. It is also possible that you are using a mascara that contains many bacteria. Most mascaras only last three months. But if you use a mascara for longer than that, mold and bacteria can grow in it. You should also get rid of your mascara directly if your eyes have become inflamed. This is because bacteria can survive for a long time in your mascara and can cause a new infection or a delicate reaction. Therefore, it is also important not to lend your mascara to anyone. Because someone else may also have bacteria or an infection with them, which then gets into your mascara... Not so fresh!

The best mascara for sensitive eyes


The Volume Deluxe Mask by Malu Wilz is a very good mascara for sensitive eyes. Because the mascara has been dermatologically tested and is fragrance free. It also contains carnauba wax, which nourishes the lashes and makes them flexible. Special pigments provide an intense black effect. With this mascara for sensitive eyes you will never have to miss out on a good result again. In addition, the Elongation Mask by T. Le Clerc is also a very good mask for people with sensitive eyes. The mascara contains soft ingredients so that mascara can also be used by people with contact lenses. In addition, it contains a small, narrow brush, so that mascara can be applied to even the tiniest hairs. A complete and natural look is guaranteed!

So, to avoid oversensitive eyes, you should think about the durability of your mascara and not borrow it. If you still have problems with certain mascara ingredients, it is important to use a mascara for sensitive eyes. Then hopefully you won't have problems with red and painful eyes again.

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