Simple Halloween makeup These are our favorites

It's almost Halloween again! Are you going to a Halloween party soon and don't know exactly what you want to wear? That's why we've listed our favorites for simple Halloween makeup in this article. The tutorials show how you can create a spectacular look in no time. Of course, you can always buy your makeup at the beauty shop .


Dark Siren

In the following video Rimmel Londen explains how you, as a dark mermaid, can steal the show at your Halloween party. Because if you wear fishnet stockings on your face and then apply purple eye shadow, you create a very special effect. Curious? Then take a quick look at the video.


How would you like to dress very feminine, cool and sexy this year? Then Catwoman is the right choice. Puree explains in this tutorial how you can create the look. You will need a lot of eyeliner, but it will really be worth it!



Maybelline knows exactly how to create a makeup look that makes you look like a tiger. Choose a nice eye shadow, draw your lips outside the lines and choose a colored nose. Create the necessary stripes with an eyeliner and then you're ready to party!

Mexican Skeleton

Finally, we have a video of our favorite simple Halloween makeup video from Rimmel Londen With eye shadow and eyeliner you can create the most beautiful Mexican "Day of the Dead" look. A beautiful wreath, a little dress and that's it! The party can begin.

Whether you're having a great time or staying home and practicing your favorite Halloween look in front of the mirror, we wish you lots of fun!

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