This is the secret of long eyelashes

Everyone dreams of it: long, endless eyelashes for a beautiful look. Every day we are busy with mascara, artificial lashes and eyelash extensions. It takes up time, is expensive and is not exactly conducive to the health of our eyelashes. For this reason, you can choose a product that strengthens your eyelashes naturally. In the beauty shop we know the secret of long eyelashes and we will gladly tell you: Eyelash Serum!


So you want long eyelashes?

The beauty shop is an expert in the field of eyelash serums. We have a positive attitude towards the eyelash serums we sell in our web shop, because they are all effective. All the serums contain nourishing ingredients that are not harmful to the skin and eyes. One serum will work a little faster than the other, but each serum in our web shop offers you the solution to make your eyelashes stronger, healthier and longer. Because in addition to prolonging the growth phase, the serum also ensures that your eyelashes will naturally become stronger and not fall out as quickly. In the following photo you can see the eyelashes of a person who used the Grandelash MD Eyelash Serum The result is clearly visible: thicker, fuller and longer lashes This is a high attribute; the bestandsnaam is grandelash8-600x600.jpg

How does the eyelash serum work?

Your eyelashes have a growth cycle of about three months. Every day we lose a few hairs because the growth cycle has stopped. But harmful influences such as dirt, sunlight and unhealthy food damage the lashes and they fall out or break more quickly. In addition, make-up, artificial lashes and eyelash extensions can also damage the lashes or cause them to break. An eyelash serum then offers the perfect solution. A daily serum contains many nutrients that make the lashes naturally stronger and more able to defend themselves against harmful factors. This prolongs the growth phase and results in thicker, fuller and longer lashes. In the following video Grande Cosmetics explains exactly how the eyelash serum works.


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Which serum is right for me?

The eyelash serum assortment in the beauty shop is large. We offer serums between 12.99 and 120 euros, so that each bag can find the right serum. In addition, there are special serums for sensitive eyes. Most serums can also be used if you wear contact lenses or will cause little or no irritation. Grandelash MD Eyelash Serum is one of our favorites, especially because our customers are very positive about it:

The 97% said they had more eyelashes

The 90% saw an improvement in hair length

The 94% found that the lashes looked healthier


The 100% said the serum is easy to use

Experience for yourself how long your natural eyelashes can last and put aside harmful eyelash extensions and artificial eyelashes. Eyelash serum is not magic, but science!

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