What can you do against dry lips?

Cracked skin, burning sensation and sometimes even blood... Dry lips are incredibly annoying! Especially in the winter months many people suffer from it. When lips dry, it can cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, there are several things you can do (and several things you should not do especially ) to prevent and treat dry lips.


Causes of dry lips

Dry lips are usually caused by one of three factors: sunlight, winter weather, and dehydrating lip care products. Because the skin on your lips is very thin, the moisture in this skin tends to evaporate during prolonged exposure to the sun. This can cause your lips to dry out considerably. This is usually the cause of chapped lips in the summer. But the sun can also damage your lips in the other seasons. Most people suffer from painfully dry lips, especially in the winter. Coming from the cold, icy wind, you sit comfortably in the heater. The difference in temperature and difference in humidity causes your lips to dry out. And finally, matte lipsticks can dry out your lips intensely. If you are sure that none of these factors is the cause of your chapped lips, it could also be one of the following reasons:

Vitamin B2 deficiency;


Excessive gum;

He doesn't drink enough water;

Smoking and alcohol.

What you should not do above all

Before we tell you what you can do about dry lips, we will first explain what you should not do. In this way you can easily prevent dry lips or alleviate them.

Stop licking

A natural reaction to dry lips is to lick them. However, it's better not to. Because it makes dehydration worse. Children in particular tend to do this, but you may find yourself wetting your lips from time to time.


Hands off

Very important: Don't tear, scratch or bite the burst skin. Don't touch it. The more you touch your lips, the worse the discomfort and the longer it takes to heal. However, you can rub your lips to remove the irritating tatters of skin. If you do it with a little sugar, for example, you can be sure that no chemical or drying ingredient will get on your lips.

Lip care products with irritating ingredients

Try to avoid lipsticks and balms with irritating ingredients as much as possible. They can cause and aggravate dryness. Such ingredients include menthol or citrus fruits. It is also important to put only unscented products on your lips. In general, these products dry your lips.

Salty, spicy and sour food

If your lips are dry, it's very unpleasant to eat sour, spicy or salty food. But not only is it uncomfortable, it can also make dry lips worse. So try to avoid this food as much as possible when your lips are already a little chapped. Cinnamon can also make lips chapped.

What can you do against dry lips

Now the question is, of course: What can you do against dry lips? The answer is simple: Use a good lip balm without fragrance or drying ingredients. If your dry lips are caused by the sun, a high sun protection factor is important. It is especially important to keep your lips oily. It is the fastest way to make cracks and flakes disappear. These are our favorite lip care products:

Elemis Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm

This lip treatment directly moisturises the lips, forming a layer that prevents moisture loss and protects the lips from drying out. Your lips feel soft, smooth and supple again.

Tonymoly Delight Banana Pong Dang Lip balm

Coconut oil, milk proteins and banana extract provide the lips with intense moisture and make them silky soft. But the package alone is reason enough to buy this nourishing lip balm.

Coola Mineral Liplux Spf30

Organic Cupuaçu butter and Mongongo oil are the skin ingredients of this lip balm. They may not be the most well-known ingredients, but they know how to intensely moisturize, nourish and soften the skin. The lip balm gives the lips a beautiful color and protects them from harmful sunlight.

Take good care of your lips and keep them from drying out!

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